In 2009 Rainforest Flow brought its pilot project to the native Matisgenka village of Tayakome, in the protected zone of the Manu National Park, with the same goal: to improve the health of the families, while respecting their cultural and environmental needs. As in Huacaria, we first formed partnerships with the local  and regional health and educational ministries.


Our goal is to promote long term health advances by teaching daily hygiene to children and mothers and by monitoring the overall health of the village. Classes for mothers focus on personal hygiene, nutrition, pre-and-post natal care, and maintaining cleanliness in the home. Classes for children include expressive art and song to teach children how their daily actions can affect their health and environment.



Committee members are also given an opportunity to earn wages with Rainforest Flow. They do this by teaching the people in the other villages in our expansion project how to build their infrastructure and improve their health.


How did we do it?



With the help of the village water committee and household members, we constructed a tap stand and underground greywater drain at each home in the village. The underground drain was designed to accommodate heavy rainfall and functions without contaminating the environment.


We then built eco-friendly bathrooms at the village schoolhouse, with separate sides for girls and boys, and placed a utility sink with an underground drain next to it.  The utility sink reinforces hand washing and daily hygiene practices for the 75 children that attend classes.

Both the water system and waste disposal system were built by incorporating natural materials from the surrounding forest, to be in harmony with the environment. The systems were built to accommodate an annual population growth of 5% over fifteen years.


We maintain an integral partnership with the health ministry and its local team at the Tayakome health post. This strengthens the existing health system and promotes long term health advances when Rainforest Flow is no longer in the community.




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