Our work gained broad attention.

• Rainforest Flow, has been awarded the 2013 Austrian Energy Globe Award for Peru, in the Water category. This prestigious environmental award distinguishes projects that are sustainable, conserve resources, and generate awareness of solutions to environmental problems.


• Global Affiliation: Project Huacaria is affiliated with the United Nations Global Teaching and Learning Project, though a youth led initiative Pumped Up For Peace (PUFP.) This initiative teaches children from around the world about fresh water issues, and how they can participate in making a difference in their world. Project Huacaria was featured as an online interactive photo gallery in association with PUFP on the UN Cyberschoolbus web page.


• Project Huacaria was featured at the June 2003 United Nations World Environment Day, at NYC headquarters, that was telecasted throughout the world.




• Paintings that the children created from our hygiene programming featuring “good health practices” were displayed at United Nations NYC headquarters at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in May of 2007.

US Founder and Executive Director Nancy Santullo and Peru Project Associate and Supervisor Caleb Matos Chavez, were presented the award  Energy Globe Award by the Austrian Trade Commissioner Rudolf Thaler, Consul General of Austria Mrs. Karin Proidl, and Consul General of Peru Consulate Mrs. Liliana Cino, May 2, 2013 in Los Angeles for their outstanding project achievement in "Sustainability.

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